If you want to experience Las Vegas and its lights and entertainment, you’ll want to schedule a trip to the Grand Canyon as well. That way, you can enjoy the city lights and see the splendor of the Canyon. Don’t visit the gaming and entertainment capital of the world without planning a day trip to the Canyon. Doing so will give you a travel experience like no other. To make the trip even more memorable, book travel with a luxury bus company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations.

By booking a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour experience, you can explore both Vegas and the area’s surrounding natural sites. Luxury bus tours feature travel experiences to the South or West rims of the Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, and the historic Grand Canyon Village. Make your trip a diverse travel experience by relying on the experience of a family-run bus tour services, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. Our luxury fleet of buses guarantee passenger satisfaction.

When you book a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon day trip, you add value to your Las Vegas travel experience. Our knowledgeable and experienced tour guides provide background information about each site you see. In addition, you can ride in comfort while enjoy breath-taking scenery. You do not have this type of advantage if you rent a car and travel to the Canyon for the day. You will have plenty to see and photograph when you use this mode of transport. Avoid the crowds and headaches of driving to the Canyon yourself, and book luxury bus travel with our dependable tour company.

Our deluxe buses feature state-of-the art facilities to make a longer ride a pleasure. Not only do buses feature adjustable seating, they come equipped with individually controlled air conditioning, panoramic-view windows, and a unisex lavatory with a hand washing station. We pick up passengers and drop them off at their hotel at scheduled times during the day.

Take time now and book a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon excursion. Experience the history, engineering marvels, and natural sites that define a Grand Canyon day trip on your Vegas vacation.