When you take a bus in Vegas, you don’t necessarily have to stay in Vegas. You can take a tour bus to the Grand Canyon as well. While nighttime trips are featured of the Strip, which certainly are well worth taking, you can also see a nearby natural landmark and attraction.

Therefore, a Vegas bus tour can also mean a tour that leaves Las Vegas for the day and goes to the Grand Canyon. Generally, it is best to take this trip during the spring or fall, or in the summer, if you want to avoid walking in the heat in downtown Las Vegas.

One of the great attractions of seeing the Grand Canyon is the chance to see the animals. You won’t find wildlife like Grand Canyon wildlife anywhere else in the world. For example, you can see a number of birds of prey, such as the eagle or hawk, or view a variety of spiders and scorpions. Naturally, you want to keep your distance when you see these types of animals, as they will not give you a friendly greeting like your cat or dog would.

In fact, it is always a good idea to keep you distance from any wildlife, whether they live in the Grand Canyon or other locale. While they may look harmless, they should never be fed or bothered. Just view them from a safe distance, and don’t intrude on their activities.

One of the animals that is quite unnerving to see is the mountain lion. Also known as a cougar, this big cat is second heaviest in the area, after a jaguar. Being solitary by nature, the cat usually hunts at night, and therefore is rarely seen in the Canyon. However, that does not mean it will not surface occasionally. If you plan to take a walking tour, it is best to do so with a knowledgeable guide.

Another animal that lives in the Canyon is the rattlesnake. This reptile is also found at places, such as Hoover Dam. The Grand Canyon rattlesnake, which can be spotted on a Vegas bus tour to the Canyon, is a subspecies of the pit viper – another Grand Canyon snake. You will find the snakes lurking in the Canyon depths – places where they feed on rodents, lizards, and birds.

That is why you need to use care if you hike below the Canyon’s rim. Doing so may lead to the sound of rattling. Pay heed to the warning, as a rattlesnake’s pinkish hue blends well with the surrounding terrain. Just don’t disturb the snake and you will be safe.

If you would like to view Grand Canyon wildlife, a Vegas trip will permit you to do so. Schedule a tour with a professional tour company, such as Grand Canyon Destinations. By visiting Vegas, you also have the chance to add to your journey. Book a Vegas bus tour from the city to the Grand Canyon on your next vacation.