5 Grand Canyon Hiking Essentials

Grand Canyon Hiking

Every Grand Canyon hiking experience requires a few essentials; water, hat, and a backpack. But every hiking experience is different, so here are some tips for your hike.

When considering Grand Canyon hiking essentials, keep in mind the tips below.

Grand Canyon Hiking Essentials

Image via Moyan Brenn via Flickr

Dress in Layers

Dressing in layers is a great idea when going hiking just about anywhere, but especially the Grand Canyon, where temperatures vary wildly depending on wind direction, what part of the canyon you’re hiking, how close you are to the water, and whether you’re hiking in-between caves or around rims. For spring, summer, and fall hiking in the Grand Canyon,opt for a sleeveless under-layer, lightweight long sleeve top, a thick short-sleeve t-shirt, and a hoodie.
Mid-weight Hiking Boots

Unless you’re going rock-climbing too, wear boots in the canyon that are big enough to keep you from sliding in the dirt, but also small enough to keep you from sliding in the dirt. Many hiking stretches are slick, but if your cleats are too big, it will cause you to slide more.

Eye Drops

Eye drops are essential for all hiking trips for those with sensitive eyes, but in the Grand Canyon, it’s essential for everyone, since winds may churn out of nowhere and blow dust into your eyes.

Gripping Gloves

For any moderate to difficult hike in the Grand Canyon, you’ll wish you had gloves with good gripping ability since the rock formations often jut out near the trail and it’s instinctual to touch them. After an hour or so without gloves, your hands will likely get rough and sore without them.


Even if you’re an experienced Grand Canyon hiker, it’s always best to research reviews of the hike you’re about to go on from other experienced hikers. They’ll let you know if there’s an obstruction on the path, how long the hike takes, and whether or not it’s a popular, crowded hike. If you’re not an experienced Grand Canyon hiker, it’s best to hire a guide to ensure safety.

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