Grand Canyon Skywalk Is A Trip To The Top Of The World

Grand Canyon Skywalk

In a country overflowing with scenic wonderment, the Grand Canyon is one of Mother Nature’s most magnificent works of art. A masterpiece of God’s canvas, it is breathtaking. The incredible depth of the drop and the color striation on the rocks cannot be duplicated by photography. It is a heady experience. A trip to enjoy the Grand Canyon is on everyone’s bucket list. While nothing man made can improve on the canyon itself, the Grand Canyon Skywalk belongs on any traveler’s itinerary. It is a wonder of construction and a value added portion of a trip to the Canyon.

grand canyon skywalk

A Unique Experience

The Grand Canyon Skywalk turns an amazing experience into a transcendent one. It affords visitors a chance to stand, in perfect safety, over the edge and above the vastness. Views previously experienced only by soaring hawks are now a reality for visitors to the Grand Canyon.

Owned by the Hualapai tribe, and open to the public since 2007, the Skywalk stands almost 4,000 feet above the Colorado River flowing below. Its unique construction offers a view into the abyss that is unique from any other vista point on the canyon rim.

Made with four layers of high-strength glass, the Skywalk has a load capacity of 120 people at a time. Constructed to state-of-the-art seismic standards, it can withstand an 8.0 magnitude earthquake as near as 50 miles away.

As a Native American owned and operated experience, the Skywalk and the surrounding Grand Canyon West area offers an indigenous window into the first nations history of the canyon.

Accessible from Kingman, Arizona to the south or Las Vegas from the north, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is one more reason to take to the vacation highway.

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