Amazing Wildlife in the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon Wildlife is extremely diverse, with lots of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. Several species stand-out for their size. Upon visiting the Grand Canyon, it’s likely you’ll see at least one of these beautiful creatures: bighorn sheep, bison, or elk.

Grand Canyon Wildlife

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn sheep are native to the Grand Canyon and average about 300 lbs in size. They also have amazingly impressive 30-lb horns that curve like ram horns. Once nearing extinction, conservationists worked diligently to restore the bighorn sheep population. While elk and bison are not native to the Grand Canyon, they currently inhabit there, and they are impressive in size and beauty as well.

Golden Eagles

There are also several types of eagles living in the Grand Canyon, including the Golden Eagle known for its incredible skills as a hunter. This Eagle has a territorial spread of a whopping 77-miles, the largest of any known bird in North America. Golden Eagles are also monogamous birds that sometimes mate for life. In tribal and metaphysical traditions, the golden eagle is held in great mystic reverence.

Other Grand Canyon Wildlife

While you may not encounter one on a journey to the Grand Canyon, coyotes, mountain lions, bobcats, and ring-tail cats abound. Badgers and bats are also common in the area, as are salamanders and chuckwalla lizards, which are large, wide lizards with big bellies and thick tails. Chuckwalla will run from humans, but you might see one in the distance basking in the sun or hiding wedged into a rock crevice with its lungs inflated.

There are also six rattlesnake species in the Grand Canyon, one of which is the Grand Canyon Pink Rattlesnake that matches the beautiful hues of the rocks in the Grand Canyon. You might see one and not even know it!

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