Hoover Dam History: An Engineering Marvel

Hoover Dam History

Hoover Dam history is an inspiring, astounding, and even tragic tale. Deemed an engineering marvel, the dam’s purpose is two-fold: to control the Colorado River and to supply water to California via the electrical power generated by the dam.

Hoover Dam History

The Year Was 1931

Construction of the dam began in 1931 on the Colorado and Nevada border. Given that it was the early years of The Great Depression, laborers descended upon Las Vegas in hopes of finding work. This resulted in the establishment of Boulder City, a community specifically for the employees. Boulder City was located six miles from the work site.

Rocks, Dust, and Danger

The canyon walls required heavy blasting to create diversion tunnels for the water. Laborers worked in 140-degree tunnels and were subject to harsh conditions in order to build this marvel. By the time the dam was completed in 1936, over 21,000 workers had a part in the project!

The Name Game

The dam project was originally called the Boulder Canyon Dam Project due to the original site choice of Boulder Canyon. When Black Canyon was later deemed a better site, the name “Boulder Dam” was still frequently used. The dam was officially named “Hoover Dam” in honor of President Herbert Hoover in 1947.

America’s Largest Reservoir

Lake Mead is America’s largest reservoir and the lake supplies water to farms and businesses in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico. The large lake is also a popular recreation area 30 minutes from the famous Las Vegas Strip.

You Have to See It To Believe It

No visit to Las Vegas is complete without a stop at the Hoover Dam. The dam receives over 7 million visitors a year and is one of Las Vegas’s most popular tourist sites. To learn more about a visit to the Hoover Dam and to nature’s marvel, the Grand Canyon, contact us today. Our Grand Canyon tours include stops at the Hoover Dam, so book today to see this amazing architectural wonder.