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The Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Drive

Travelers come from all around the world to visit Las Vegas. What a lot of Vegas vacationers fail to realize is just how close the Grand Canyon is located to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas to Grand Canyon road trip is only two and a half to four and a half hour drive, depending on which location you visit at the canyon. With the Grand Canyon being so close to Vegas, it is quite convenient to take a one-day trip from Sin City to the famous canyon. 

A tour participant overlooks the Grand Canyon's Horseshoe Bend

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim

There are two popular Grand Canyon destinations that visitors can take a tour to. The South Rim is the most popular place on the canyon that people choose to go to. The South Rim is the farther of the two locations, while the West Rim is closer to Las Vegas. 

The Las Vegas to Grand Canyon South Rim travel time is four and a half hours. Although it is the farther destination, the South Rim attracts more tourists each year. The South Rim is where Grand Canyon National Park is located, and therefore it has many visitor centers and things for visitors to do.

Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim

The alternative location to choose is the Grand Canyon West Rim. Some Las Vegas visitors prefer to visit the West Rim of the canyon for a couple of different reasons. One reason is its closer location to Las Vegas. The drive from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim is only two and a half hours, compared to the drive to the South Rim that is nearly twice as long.

The second major reason visitors choose to visit the West Rim is because the famous Skywalk bridge is there. The Skywalk bridge is a glass bottomed, horseshoe shaped bridge that extends out over the canyon floor. Those who purchase tickets for the Skywalk are able to walk out onto the bridge for a view of the Grand Canyon unlike any other.

Entertainment Along The Way

We value not only your comfort, but your enjoyment of your Las Vegas to Grand Canyon journey from start to finish. That is why we aim to keep you entertained and informed during your travel to and from the canyon. 

Professional Guide Commentary

As soon as you board your ride to the canyon, you will be greeted by your tour guide. Waiting for you on your seat will be a water and breakfast snack to get your morning started. Then, on the way out of town, your guide will share entertaining facts, history, and stories about Las Vegas and the surrounding landscapes as you travel through it. All of our guides are professional, friendly, and of course, knowledgeable, so you know they will give a great tour. 

Stop Off At The Hoover Dam

Not too long after you leave Las Vegas, you will make your first stop at the Hoover Dam. This landmark is along the Las Vegas to Grand Canyon route, so it makes sense to stop and enjoy it. Your driver will stop off and park just off to the side of the Hoover Dam. You will have the chance to exit the bus and get a great view of the dam from above. This 20-minute photo stop lets you stretch your legs, have a wonderful photo opportunity, and see the wonder of the Hoover Dam all at once.

Route 66

After the Hoover Dam, the ride to the Grand Canyon will continue. Enjoy the ride and the views from the panoramic windows until you reach Seligman, Arizona. There, you will have a chance to get off the bus and see a famous Route 66 stop. Seligman, Arizona is a small town that still thrives on its Route 66 history. As the town that the well-known movie Cars is based upon, Seligman is a fun place to stop and look around. You will see vintage cars and murals painted to celebrate both the movie, and Route 66. Once your guide has picked up all the lunches, you will climb aboard the bus to finish the drive to the Grand Canyon.

Spotting Wildlife On The Way From Las Vegas To Grand Canyon

Once everyone has boarded the bus, the journey will continue. The landscape along the drive will leave you impressed. As you travel upward in elevation, you will witness a change in scenery from red and orange desert to lush green pine forests. Along the way, there is a chance to spot wildlife as well. If you keep your eyes open, you may spot species such as coyote, desert bighorn sheep, cows, and horses on the drive out of Las Vegas. As you approach the Grand Canyon, your chance of seeing wildlife gets even greater due to the remote location of the canyon’s rims. Closer to the canyon you may see mountain lion, elk, and deer outside your window as well.

Transportation From Las Vegas To Grand Canyon Destinations

You may be wondering what is the best way to get from Vegas to the Grand Canyon? The answer can be different for everyone. There are many easy, affordable, and exciting ways to travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

Taking a Grand Canyon Tour Bus

When taking a day trip to the Grand Canyon, a common choice is to take a tour bus. There are many tour companies who utilize large tour buses to transport Grand Canyon tourists from Vegas to the canyon. The Grand Canyon Destinations difference is that we use the highest quality tour buses for our guests. They are equipped with head rests and foot rests, air conditioning, TVs for entertainment, and on-board restrooms. Additionally, they are inspected daily for safety and quality by our dedicated drivers and guides.

Tour buses are a great choice for those who are traveling to the Grand Canyon with a large group, as they can hold up to 54 passengers. That way, your entire group can stay together during your tour experience and enjoy each other’s company. Grand Canyon tour buses are available to both the Grand Canyon West Rim and South Rim.

Get The VIP Mercedes Sprinter Experience

Another, more exclusive, way to travel to the canyon is on our 14-passenger Mercedes Sprinter van. These vans are used for our VIP small group tours to both rims of the canyon. If you have a smaller group and want to take control of customizing your own Grand Canyon tour, this is the choice for you. 

On our Mercedes Sprinter vans, you are able to stand up, sit down, relax, and enjoy the ride. All this within the privacy of your own space. 

Travel Back In Time On The Grand Canyon Train

A third option when traveling to the Grand Canyon is to take a train ride. This method of Grand Canyon travel is the oldest and by far the most unique. You will get to experience the canyon as is was in 1901 when people were first beginning to take notice of the wonder. Grand Canyon Destinations is the only tour company from Las Vegas that offers the option to travel by train.

If you choose this option, you will be entertained and delighted by the charming and fun experience. You would begin your day traveling from Las Vegas on a tour bus, and be taken to the Grand Canyon Railway depot in Williams, Arizona. From there, you would take the train the rest of the way to the Grand Canyon South Rim. The experience of riding the Grand Canyon Train is memorable, fun, and exciting for all ages.