Why Visit the Grand Canyon West Rim Tour for Your Next Vacation

West Rim Tour

One of the most popular attractions in Arizona is the West Rim Tour of the Grand Canyon. This sight is full of beautiful Native American land filled with majestic vistas and spiritual wonder. There is no shortage of reasons why Grand Canyon visitors are drawn to the West Rim Tour, but for those looking to plan their next vacation to the area, here are reasons to visit the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.

West Rim Tour

Image Via Frank Pierson via Flickr.

Attractions at the West Rim

The West Rim of the Grand Canyon is home to the Hualapai Native American Reservation, the modern descendants of the canyon’s original inhabitants. As a small part of their ancestral home, the Hualapai tribe has been responsible for the cultivation of attractions in the area. One of the Grand Canyon’s most famous man-made additions is the world-famous SkyWalk on the West Rim. This grand canyon attraction is a horseshoe-shaped glass bridge that juts out 70 feet over the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, leaving you at the summit of the canyon’s 4,000 feet of open air atop the sturdy, see-through Skywalk.

The West Rim is also home to Eagle Point, featuring stunning views of eagle-shaped rock formations. Nearby Guano Point offers great dining at the canyon’s edge.

Grand Canyon West Rim Tour Accessibility

The Grand Canyon West Rim is about 118 miles from Las Vegas, offering fun day-trips for visitors of Sin City! Less time on the bus, more time out and about in Arizona.

West Rim Tours

Due to its great accessibility, the West Rim Tour is often the target destination of adventure seekers. Take the hassle out of your next vacation and let us pick you up in Las Vegas on our West Rim Bus Tour and drive you to the Grand Canyon in style! With stops at the SkyWalk, Eagle Point, and Guano Point, you will experience all the adventures the West Rim has to offer.

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